Inspirational Writings

                              Water View Painting
    Each day I am excited to see what awaits me when dawn arrives. What a joy it is to step outside and walk onto the sand seeing the grandeur around me. This moment in time, every day, is why I paint. To be surrounded by endless sky never knowing how the colors and clouds will form. The colors change with the time of day, sunrises can be cool and rosy, still or turbulent. Sunsets can be hot and fiery or soft and purple. But no matter what, I can be assured of a spectacular show and I'm never disappointed.
  Shadows help me interpret the time of day. Long shadows running across open landscapes tell me that the day is either very early with a bright sun rising or the days ending and the light is falling away creating long cast shadows in it's wake.
  Panoramic water views are outside my door and I'm never tired of what I see.  It is an ever changing show that I feel honored to watch as nature recreates the colors and texture of the water not just daily but all day long. The stillness of the water at daybreak allows the sky to be mirrored on the surface of the water. Sometimes it  can be a blaze of colorful clouds reflecting back the view of the sky or the total calm of a cloudless violet predawn sky which holds a silent vigil to the day ahead. Sunlight reflecting on the water creates millions of sparkling diamonds that blind me with their brilliance.  Dark stormy skies bring dark charcoal waters whose only color is that of the spraying white caps of the waves as they move violently towards the shore.   And all the different shades of blue that the water can change into reflecting the mood of the sky above. Soft cool blues, light green blues, dark deep sea blues or turquoise blues  each color created by nature helps to inspire me to try to recreate through my watercolor painting the beauty that surrounds me. 


                                      Vermont Painting
  Hiking early in the morning in the forest,  dry leaves crackling beneath my feet,  the smoke from a wood burning stove lingering in the cool Autumn air,  what a great way to start a day in Vermont. During this walk I can't help but feel like a guest of mother nature surrounded by  blazing colors and  earthy aromas mixing with early morning dew. 
  But it's the the lighting that captivates me. Here, deep in the woods the sunlight finds its way to the forest floor in white rays of light dappling the ground around me. Shadows falling across tree trunks form an assortment of shapes depending on their source. I may see some that form the most intricate patterns of leaves that look like they are dancing  as they are moved by the wind. Others seem to be hugging the trees as they wrap themselves around the trunks. Here in the woods I find the darkest shadowed areas where all light is lost in deep pools of darkness. Here I also find the brightest bands of sunshine stabbing their way through the canopy of the trees high above me.
 Once I'm back at my house  I'm driven to paint the day away capturing the show I just encountered on my journey through the woods.